There is News!

Today, I’m sitting in my living room, trying to add new dates to my calendar. There’s an exciting show at the Barns of Rose Hill Berryville, VA, March 12, 2022, with Kipyn Martin, that I’m really looking forward to. And there are shows with the Mid-City Aces at the Abita Springs Opry April 16, and a new series at St. Anna’s Episcopal Church April 28. And then, there’s Jazzfest (April 30 with the Mid-City Aces, at the Fais Do Do Stage; and my very own solo (trio, really) show at the Rhythmporium; as well as May 7 with Bruce Daigrepont). The other news is that this website has been more or less dormant since the pandemic; I’ll be working to get it back up and running so that you can see the shows listed where the shows ought to be. In the meantime, I’ll go ahead and post them here.

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