The End of the Summer–or Thereabouts

This summer’s tour was short, hot, and loads of fun–from getting to play 3 shows in NYC, to that 4th of July weekend in PA with the Magnolia Sisters, to teaching Cajun Fiddle at Augusta, to playing the Nachitoches Folk Festival with D.L. Menard, Hugh Harris, and the Jambalaya Cajun Band. I even managed to fit in a jam or two. Now, you’d never know it by the weather, but summer really is winding down. And I have a new gig or two to tell you about.
First, I’m going back up to Alexandria this Saturday night to play at the Saxon Guild for their Summer Fest. It starts at 6 pm. There’s plenty of food and beverages, and I understand there are plenty of seats still available. For more info and reservations, contact
Second, the Calmes House Concert Series has announced its schedule for 2013-14. I was originally slated to play Feb. 1, but due to the upcoming Hank Williams play in New Roads, I will be coming back to play the Calmes Concert Series on Feb. 15.
In more recent upcoming shows, Hank Woji is coming back to town to do a Thursday night concert at the Neutral Ground in New Orleans on August 15. He’s on at 9, and I’m playing at 10. As a bonus, Nattie is on at 8 pm.
Did I mention that I taught Cajun fiddle last month at Augusta? Not only did it go very well, but while I was there, I got to meet one of the great guitarists of our time, who happened to be teaching at Early Country Music Week. It so happens that he’s coming to town to play at the Red Dragon in Baton Rouge Friday, August 16, and Chickie Wah Wah in New Orleans Saturday, August 17. While I’m not on these shows, I plan to be there to hear Bill Kirchen amaze me with “Hot Rod Lincoln” one more time. I think he’s got a couple of surprises in store.
Speaking of surprises, here’s more great news: Sometime this month, I’ll be in the studio working on Bruce Daigrepont’s upcoming CD. It’s been a few years since he’s recorded with the band. I’m looking forward to working with him on his new music.
You can find all my upcoming gigs on my website,
 If you’re looking at my website, you know that it’s been revamped, chock full of songs and videos. In the next few weeks, it’s going to get another great makeover, thanks to the good folks at They’re new, they’re local, and they do excellent work.
Finally, for all of you who live in the Carbondale area, there is one date coming up soon, namely, the Yellowmoon Cafe in Cobden, IL on August 30. Cousin Andy’s…