Daily Gazette (NY)

Forsyth to play a few Cajun tunes at folk festival
Jazz is boss in New Orleans.

That puts folk singer Gina Forsyth in the musical minority.

“There’s always been a little bit of a songwriters’ scene,” said Forsyth, a longtime New Orleans resident, in a telephone interview. “It’s not really a folk scene, it’s always like R&B or pop or something else.

“Anybody who does folk music in New Orleans really has to do other things as well,” she added.

“Lucky for me, I play fiddle and I’m very much in love with Cajun music. So I play a lot of Cajun music and do a lot of fiddle gigs as well.”

Forsyth will have both fiddle and guitar at the ready on Sunday, when she performs at the GottaGetGon folk music festival at the Saratoga County Fairgrounds off Prospect Street in Ballston Spa.

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