Offbeat Magazine

Dan Willging of Offbeat Magazine: Promised Land, her solo sophomore effort is loaded with thought-provoking content and incisive humor, the song’s real message revealed in layers. Along the way, facets of Forsyth’s personality are unveiled, such as her exemplary Cajun musicianship on “Belle,” a tricky 5/4 ballad from the Lomax Archive that’s richly rendered here on voice and acoustic guitar.

Independent Weekly (Lafayette, LA)

Walter Pierce of the Independent Weekly: Multi-instrumentalist Gina Forsyth brings passion and panache to her latest release, Promised Land (Waterbug Records), a 14-tune effort brimming with spot-on acoustic musicianship and austere, poetic storytelling that highlight Forsyth’s keen ear for the American folk songbook.

Chicago Folk Music Examiner

Gary Tuber of Chicago Folk Music Examiner: “Promised Land” from Gina Forsyth explodes on the market…Besides thoughtful lyrics, “Promised Land” has touches of the Cajun (Gina does live in New Orleans, after all), and fine musicianship from Gina, herself on guitar and fiddle, and a cadre of her friends on bass, guitar percussion, banjo, and accordion.

Midwest Record

Chris Spector of the Midwest Record says of Gina Forsyth/Promised Land: “A solid old school folkie with a double shot of Malvina Reynolds in her soul, this well traveled throughout the South singer/songwriter masters the trick of sounding and feeling old school without falling into the fantasy. And she’s pretty much singing about what’s going on now.”

Words of Praise from the Folk Community

“Superb.” Rich Warren, host, The Midnight Special on WFMT (Chicago, IL)

“This is powerful, thoughtful music full of insights and great stories. The subtle combinations of voice, guitar and fiddle sets this album apart from the mass of other music that crosses my desk.” Steve Clarke, host, Acoustic Planet on CHES Radio Erin, Ontario (Canada)

“Gina’s latest CD is a wonderful, smart, often funny, beautifully played and sung collection of songs.” Neti Vaan, violinist, New Orleans, LA

“I got your CD Saturday. What a masterpiece! It captures you exactly as you are with no pretense. The songs are great, the production levels are just right, and the recording is excellent. Thank you for sending it to me. I cherish it. The CD just makes me feel good listening to it.” Bob Gramann, guitar builder and presenter of the Fredericksburg, VA Songwriter Showcase