News and New Shows

In the past month or two, there were a few technical glitches that put a damper on posting updated show dates. Now, they are happily resolved, and a few new dates are now up!

Gina Forsyth Spring Tour

It’s been a busy spring, complete with tour dates. In February, Gina returned to New Orleans, and played dates in Louisiana and Colorado with the Malvinas. In March, Gina did a jaunt in the Midwest, playing house concerts in Wisconsin and Iowa–along with the Second Sunday series in Michigan. The Spring Tour continues with three shows at the French Quarter Festival–Saturday, 4/14 with the Sweet Olive String Band and Bruce Daigrepont, and Sunday, 4/15 with the Mid-City Aces. Later in April, she will revisit the Midwest, for two shows in Illinois: the first will be Friday, 4/20 (no pun intended), in Elgin, IL; the second will be 4/21, in Lombard, IL (in the western burbs of Chicago)–after which she returns to Louisiana to teach Cajun fiddle at Dewey Balfa Cajun and Creole Heritage Week. The Spring Tour 2018 concludes with shows in Pennsylvania and Ohio. Be sure to click the Shows link for more information.

New Shows and Tour Dates

New dates are now on Gina’s gig page. New ones are being added weekly. Click the link…

Malvinas in the House–at NERFA!

The Malvinas will be playing several guerilla showcases at this weekend’s Northeast Regional Folk Alliance, in Stamford, CT. I’ll also be doing a few solo showcases, and Lisa will be showcasing with Bruce Balmer.

Here’s the schedule:

THURS. Nov. 9
11pm Malvinas-Fools Hill Music (#2064)
12:30am Malvinas-Lilfest (#2068)

FRI. Nov. 10
3 pm Lilfest (#2068)
3:30pm Markley & Balmer-Lilfest (#2068)
11:45-12:45 Malvinas-Local 1000 (Twain)
12:50 am Song Box (solo) (#2090)
1:30 am Lilfest (#2068)
2:30am Malvinas-BOT (Fiske)

SAT. Nov. 11
3-4pm Malvinas-BOT (Fiske)
1am Malvinas-Lilfest (#2068)
1:30am Markley & Balmer-Lilfest (#2068)

If you’re there, come see us!

Malvinas in the House — with a new CD

Special thanks to the Folk DJs who have been playing the The Malvinas’ new CD, God Bless the Grass. The title cut was the third most played song for the month of May, and the opening song, “Crow,” made it to #7 in June.

This very weekend, we are on tour in the Chicago area. Check the shows section of this website for the latest.

The Malvinas are back at it, but it’s still a rare occurrence to hear us all in the same zip code, so tell your friends! share widely! and thank you ❤️