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You can donate to PayPal or Venmo  here.

My band page is

Saturday, April 11’s FB event will be (if not directly on the band page) will be at

After that is over, PayPal and Venmo will still be there.

Love in the Time of Covid-19 II–and One Way You Can Help

Here’s hoping you’re staying healthy, and staying at home, if you can. Of late, I’ve been doing online shows, Facebook watch parties, and video snippets. This coming Saturday, April 11, I’m doing another one of those virtual shows on my FB band page.

If you’re wondering how you can support musicians like myself, one thing you can do is watch some our music live at our homes. Then you can donate through PayPal and Venmo. I’ve been requesting that people go to my pages at and

I’m ever grateful.

One more thing: of late, I’ve been updating some of the links here, including where one can find Gina Forsyth/Malvinas/Mid-City Aces recordings. Along with the links to Soona Songs, Louisiana Music Factory, and, yes,, one can get recordings directly through me at through my PayPal and Venmo pages.

One last thing: of late, I’ve been teaching Cajun fiddle lessons on Skype and Zoom. If you’re interested in taking a lesson, contact me at Facebook messenger or

Thanks so much to everyone who has donated. Bien merci, tout le monde!

During This Time of Trouble a.k.a. Love in the Time of Covid-19

Here is hoping we all can manage to stay healthy. In any case, now that I have a little more time on my hands, the plan here is to keep everyone as up to date as possible about where I’ll be (or won’t be). Like just about every musician on earth, most of my public shows have been canceled, including the March northeast tour, the Northshore Traditional Music series back in Louisiana, Tipitina’s shows, Balfa Week, and Jazzfest. Other shows, such as the French Quarter Festival, have been postponed till October (and even that may be optimistic, to many of us). There are still shows for March and May listed on the calendar.  Rest assured, ANY DATE THAT IS LISTED WILL STAY UP UNTIL I GET THE WORD THAT IT IS CANCELED, AND NOT BEFORE.

In the coming weeks, there will be plans to set up an online show or two. There will be Facebook events for those. Also, if you would like to purchase a CD or download card, the Albums page has been updated to give everyone the opportunity to get a CD directly from me. You can do that now through my PayPal address, I understand that my gmail address can get you there, too.

I have some updating to do…

Recently, I have received reminders that new dates need to be added to this website. Here are a few reminders, just in case…

Later this month, I will be teaching Cajun fiddle at Augusta Heritage Center, Augusta Heritage Centerin Elkins, WV, then playing the Nachitoches Folk Festival with Bruce Daigrepont; then, I’ll be playing an extended weekend with The Mid-City Aces, including the Falcon Ridge Folk Festival; after this, I’ll be rounding out the summer, solo, at the Fox Valley Folk Festival, in Geneva, IL. Also, look for upcoming fall concerts with the Malvinas!

News and New Shows

In the past month or two, there were a few technical glitches that put a damper on posting updated show dates. Now, they are happily resolved, and a few new dates are now up!