Lyrics: We Will Be Reborn

We Will Be Reborn (2007)

Look at all the immigrants here they come
Crossing our borders one by one
Just like my grandfather done
When America was young
Yeah, America was young

Columbus sailed the ocean blue
Killed the Indians [peoples all] two by two
A whole lot more of us came here too
And America was born
Yeah, America was born

Now the President has a great army
Sending his soldiers three by three
To an oil rich land across the sea
Look how far we’ve come
From the place where we begun
Look what we’ve become
Good Lord, what have we done?

Someday we’ll look back at the days of yore
And the soldiers come home four by four
We’ll say we’ve had enough of war
And we will be reborn
Yeah, we will be reborn

We’ll say no more pre-emptive war
And we will be reborn
Yeah, America reborn

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