LYRICS: Texas Waltz

Texas Waltz

I am standing on a hilltop
Neath the big Texas sky
Conversing with the night stars
As they’re passing by [CH]

Cause these hills are as lonesome
As the four winds that blow
Cause they only remind me
Of the one I love so

[CH] Coming down from the mountain
To the valley below
Way on some blue bayou
Where the Red River flows
So it’s goodbye to Texas
Cause the place I wanna go
Is back to Louisiana
Near the Gulf of Mexico
Near the Gulf of Mexico

From here you can see the country
You can see far and wide
And the grass it ain’t greener
Way on the other side

So I’m down here in Texas
Looking up at the stars
So helpless I can’t help
But wonder where you are [CH]

If you were a star, love
In the big Texas sky
I’d be all night waiting
For you to pass by

But I’ve been all night waiting
And I don’t have a clue
I’ve looked all over heaven
And I still can’t find you [CH]

I’ve been up the East Coast
And down to the West
But my old home on the Gulf Coast
Is the place I love best

Cause I’ve grown tired of standing
On a hilltop so high
With hopes I might see you
As you’re passing by [CH 2x]