Lyrics: Just Like Eddie

Just Like Eddie (1999)

Well, I can’t stay out of trouble
There you’ll find me
Whenever I call on the phone, and
I owe the whole world money
Think that’s funny
Well, wait till you hear
That now they got it all
And I got none of my own
They’ve got it all
And I got none of my own

I am born for trouble
Big ass trouble
Feel so bad to burst your bubble
And to call you after oh so long
You don’t want my trouble
Make that double
But now you’re gone and I
Must face my trouble all alone

And I don’t know who I’m foolin’
All that schooling
What in the hell did I miss, and
Those who cheered me on
I find them nowhere
Glad they’re not here
All that schooling
What did I miss?
I sure don’t want ‘em to see me like this

So sit beside me my beloved
Take my hand for one last time
And let’s say all the things
That never got said
Just for once I’d like to see you
Really here
And not just somewhere lost
Inside of my head

And the people on the bayou
They will tell you
If you’ll make it
If you’ll spend it
By the itch in the palm of which hand
But the wrong hand always itches
Sons of bitches
Rags to riches
And way back down to rags again
Please tell me this ain’t how the story ends

I am born for trouble
Me and all the fifty billion
Souls who’ve ever
Crawled into this great unknown
Once that deal goes down
There’s no reversal
People blather
How this ain’t no dress rehearsal
Well, if that’s so universal
Well, how come I feel so all alone

Thinking ‘bout my only sister’s
Only son
Whose name was Eddie
Barely twenty
Made his steady
Living on things that don’t pay, and
All his friends came calling
They were all there
At the end
With his old snare drum
And a big bouquet
And what a shame was all
They could ever say

Now I cannot keep from crying
Fell like dying
I am trying
To forget it all
And never to feel
But no matter how far down
You try to lock up
People pick up
On the very thing you
Try so hard to never reveal

So I don’t need you to tell me
You can’t help me
On the other end of the phone
When I’m feeling
Just like Eddie
Born for trouble
Jesus died for all my trouble
Well, I’m still here to face my trouble
Oh, but Eddie faces trouble no more, oh
No, Eddie faces trouble no more, oh
No, Eddie faces trouble no more

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