Lyrics: Christmas in China

Christmas in China

Our Christmas was made in China
Human rights issues and all
From my brand-new socks
To my old gym shoes
To the decorations on my wall
Candleholders in a box
Of the virgin and the cross
Tell me how it was I got
These things all made in China

Family comes over for Christmas
Bearing gifts from China
Like the little toy train with a song inside
About a guy and a woman named Dinah
Bring out all the uncles and aunts
All the relatives you can stand
Bring out all the pots and pans
Bring out the fancy China

They don’t have Christmas in China
Like in the USA
There they work for chicken feed
Making things we think we need
Thirteen hours every day
People work their lives away
So we can have our Christmas Day
All the way from China

Sometimes I think about China
But not about all these things
I think about what distance brings
Thinking how my heart still sings
You can sail across the sea
I still feel your love for me
This Christmas Day your memory’s
Your gift to me from China

Like the very last time I saw you
In some tiny diner
You’d been gone for oh so long
Smuggling bibles in China
When you said you found the Lord
Could have pierced me with a sword
Sent my ashes sailing toward
The heavens, bound for China

And you can sail my ashes into the wind
Or off an ocean liner
They say you can’t go home again
Not true, not even kinda
I have known my whole life through
I can go your way if I wanted to
But that’s something you could not make me do

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