I’m not like this

Released: 2002, Soona Songs

Recorded as part of the Malvinas; you can get this recording directly through her PayPal page, Ginafsyth@aol.com

That’s T-for-Texas, Québec-as-in-Canada and Louisiana, y’all, a feminist folk trio with a seriously original sound created by three of the most temperamental, romantic, down-to-earth, tolerant, funky, maternal, independent, impassioned, politically opinionated, completely-unlike-one-another, singer-songwriter-instrumentalists you’ve ever had the good fortune to know. Lisa MarkleyGina Forsyth and Beth Cahill are hard workin’ girls, too, on guitar, mandolin, fiddle, banjo, killer harmonies, and a veritable smörgasbord of original compositions that will have you coming back for more.

"These women take no prisoners."--Dan Willging

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