You Are Here

Released: 2001, Waterbug

You can now get this album directly from Gina through her PayPal page,

Gina Forsyth is a gifted songwriter with a passionate and honest voice. Her first CD, You Are Here, has already received considerable folk radio airplay and I hope and predict she’ll continue to find a wide audience. Lynn McLachlan, Rambles, a Cultural Arts Magazine

"If both folk and bluegrass move your soul, then you won't be able to get enough of this album. Gina's voice is beautiful, her lyrics are thoughtful and the picking and fiddling is the perfect accompaniment. I wish she had more albums out - I'd buy them without hesitation." 5 Stars

S. Holland (Amazon customer)

Album Tracks

  1. You Are Here Lyrics ⟶
  2. Texas Waltz Lyrics ⟶
  3. Prayer Lyrics ⟶

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