New Orleans-based Gina Forsyth is an award-winning singer/songwriter, who is known for her wizardry on fiddle and guitar. With an alto as unique as it is soulful, unpretentious songs that cut straight to the heart, and a wicked sense of humor, her live performances are legend. Read More ➝

Promised Land

I am born for trouble Me and all the 50 billion souls Who've ever crawled into this great unknown Once that deal goes down. there's no reversal People blather How this ain't no dress rehearsal If that's so universal How come I feel so all alone. --Just Like Eddie Read More ➝

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You can donate to PayPal or Venmo  here. My band page is Saturday, April 11’s FB event will be (if not directly on the band page) will be at After that is over, PayPal and Venmo will still be there. Read more ➝

Here’s hoping you’re staying healthy, and staying at home, if you can. Of late, I’ve been doing online shows, Facebook watch parties, and video snippets. This coming Saturday, April 11, I’m doing another one of those virtual shows on my FB band page. If... Read more ➝

Here is hoping we all can manage to stay healthy. In any case, now that I have a little more time on my hands, the plan here is to keep everyone as up to date as possible about where I’ll be (or won’t be).... Read more ➝

Recently, I have received reminders that new dates need to be added to this website. Here are a few reminders, just in case… Later this month, I will be teaching Cajun fiddle at Augusta Heritage Center, Augusta Heritage Centerin Elkins, WV, then playing the... Read more ➝

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In the past month or two, there were a few technical glitches that put a damper on posting updated show dates. Now, they are happily resolved, and a few new dates are now up! Read more ➝

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